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10 Facts about the Jubilee government

Has Majority Seats in Both the Senate and the National Assembly. The Jubilee administration had a big win in the 2017 Kenyan General election as it not only won the Presidency seat but also managed to scoop 24 Senatorial seats out of the 47 contested seats and 140 parliamentary seats out of the 289 contested seats. The Jubilee party also won majority seats in the Woman Representative position by winning 25 seats out of the contested 47.With addition of the nominated(appointed) seats in both the parliament and Senate their total tally rises to 34 in the Senate and 171 in the national assembly. The Ruling party also has a majority if 29 Governors out of 47.

The Jubilee government has had its focus mainly on improving housing, health, manufacturing sector and agricultural sector.

The Jubilee Administration is has tried to improved Small and Medium-sized Enterprises( SME’s) within the Country.

The Jubilee Administration introduced free maternal health care and maternity services.

The Jubilee Government has had massive economic failures in its first tenure e.g an over two months Doctor’s Strike and a four months long Teachers strike.

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