Suicide is an intentional death. It’s a self-inflicted death in which one makes an intentional direct and conscious effort to end one’s life.

suicide causes


Alcohol and substance abuse is amongst the greatest vice that is found within the society. Alcohol is not illegal. But the manner in which is taken in our society is an actual factor to worry about. Drug abuse is the use of a substance that alters the mood, emotions, and state of consciousness of an individual.

According to  Sher.L(2005) individuals with alcohol dependencies who commit suicide. They are characterized by major depressive episodes, stressful life events particularly interpersonal difficulties. Poor social support, living alone, high aggression, negative affects hopelessness, severe alcoholism, etc. The causes of suicide are many. Let’s look a few


Illness is identified as any health ailments that affect the physical and mental health of an individual. These forms of illness affect both the physical and psychological wellness of an individual. With an emphasis on young people, diseases are common factors that affect their daily lives. Although the disease affects all individuals it is often not known when an individual is sick and how it affects them. Many young people hide their medical health from others due to shame. Also the fear of stigma or even poor hygiene as well as hereditary diseases.

These diseases can be HIV/AIDs, diabetes, epilepsy, hypes, STDS and others. Each of this disease has the potential of been fatal if not effectively treated and cared for. The need to constantly be under treatment could lead to seclusion and withdrawal from others to avoid discrimination.

This may lead to depression as a result of the loneliness experienced. In turn, could lead to suicidal tendencies as a way out of the suffering being experienced.


This is identified as a disagreement between individuals due to their opinion or beliefs. The conflict may result in arguments as well as physical fights among individuals. Peer conflict is a conflict between two individuals. They mainly belong to the same age group. It is the most common among students in a school setting.

It may arise as a result of peer pressure .peer pressure mainly arises from ideological differences that exist among individuals.

The form of ideological differences can, therefore, lead to uneasy relationships as well as bullying. The groups of individuals who are highly affected by peer pressure tend to have an intronic personality.

Other forms of conflict that affect an individual are parent-child conflict, parent to parent conflict and relationship conflicts. These conflicts affect an individual differently and are often identified as causes of distress in an individual. This conflict if extreme could lead to suicidal behavior.


Depression is a mood disorder that affects individual feelings and adjustment to how they feel. It is characterized as the main among causes of suicide. It does not mean that they do not feel but depressive feelings are normally time-based. They can change without warning or thought process. This makes it impossible to pinpoint which specific emotion can be identified as an emotion of depression (wanyoike 2014)

Depression has been identified as a major cause of suicide behavior in society. Suicide behavior among youths is highly influenced by depression. It hinders proper functioning and causes psychological distress among the youths.


Financial issues may also be a significant stressor for young people. In the society set up most young people above the age of 18 years are expected to support themselves. They are expected to come up with realistic budgets. The budget is based on what the youth is earning. Sometimes they end up having bigger expenses than the amount of money they are making.

These economic hardships would lead to suicidal thoughts.


The pressure to perform has been noted as one of the main stressors. It is experienced by students from the primary level to the university level. When student performance has not adhered to students tend to find different manners to deal with the pressure. These ways of alleviating pressure are factors such as alcohol and drug abuse.

The student may be facing homelessness. Research done shows that 30% of the student population suffers hopelessness. This is a great number considering that hopelessness also affects the ability of an individual to associate with society effectively.

It is also noted that academic performance is greatly affected by alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse are outlined as a risk factor leading to failing grades. Alcohol and drug abuse affects academic performance and is a factor that could lead to suicidality.

Often students who have been performing become highly distressed by a change in performance and often end up overworking themselves. These individuals tend to place a lot of emphasis on their performance. When it drops they may not be able to handle the pressure of failing. This, therefore, leads to depression and low self-esteem which eventually could lead to suicidal thoughts.


Loneliness is a feeling of being alone. The feeling grows when an individual is an introvert compared to extroverts. An introvert tends to be loners and find it harder to make friends and associate with others. These feelings of being alone may grow further. This is when an individual lacks any form of knowledge to deal with issues affecting the youths. Loneliness is identified as a cause of suicide although in a small percentage which would lead to suicidal thoughts. Other causes of suicide have been captured in this article.


Suicide and suicidal behavior is a complex issue. It is easily explained even when there is documented information. Therefore, there is a need for exploration and research in the development of suicide prevention methods.

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