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Bomet County

Bomet County is located in the former Rift Valley region of Kenya. It borders with Kericho, Nyamira, Narok and Nakuru Counties. The County has its capital at Bomet Town which is also the largest town.


Before being established as a County, Bomet was formed from the former Kericho district in 1992.

Population and Administration

Bomet County has a population of 873,023 people according to Kenya’s Housing and Population Census results. Bomet County is divided into five sub-counties and twenty-five wards. It is divided into Bomet Central, Bomet East, Sotik and Konoin sub-counties.

The County is led by H.E. Governor Hon. Dr. Hillary Barchok who took over from The Late Hon. Dr. Joyce Laboso who was the County’s second governor. The County’s first governor was Hon. Isaac Rutto.

Economic Practices.

Agriculture is the main economic activity practiced in Bomet County with Tea being the main cash crop grown in the county. Tea harvested from the tea estates in the county are sold both locally and internationally and the revenue earned helps in the day to day lives of the locals.

Tourism is also another economic activity in the County dues to its eye-catching sceneries among other tourist attraction sites.


The majority of the county’s population is of the Christian Faith. Muslims is also practiced by a few people in the County especially in the urban region of the town.

Key Achievements.

Bomet County was among the first counties in Kenya to elect a female Governor.