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Garissa County

Garissa County is located in the North-Eastern region of Kenya. The County has its capital in Garissa town which is the largest urban area in the region.  It borders with Somalia to the East. Garissa County is mainly inhabited by the Somali Community.


Population and Administration

Garissa County has a total population of around 841,353 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population results. The County is divided into six constituencies.

The County Government of Garissa is led by H.E Governor Ali Bunow Korane who’s the County’s Second Governor. Hon.Nathif Jama Adam was the County’s first governor.

Economic Practises

Pastoralism and trade are the main economic activities in the region. The people of Garissa involve in rearing of Camels, Goats and cattle. Locals engaging in cross-boundary trade with Somali. Locals also engage in trade with its neighbouring Counties.


The Muslim religion is the main religion in the County with few of its residents practising the Christian religion.

Education Institutions

The County has several educational institutions with Garissa University being the largest tertiary institution in the region.

Garissa County is also home to the Dadaab Refugee Camp where over 200,000 Somali refugees call home.