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Homa Bay County

Homabay County is located in the former Nyanza province of Kenya and has its capital at Homabay Town. It borders with Migori, Nyamira, Kisii, Kericho and Kisumu counties.


Before being named Homabay, the area was known as ‘Chich Onuno’ which means ‘Onuno’s ‘market. The colonialist, however, renamed it as Homa Bay in 1925 because it was overlooking the then Huma Hills in Karachuonyo. The Europeans could however not pronounce ‘Huma’ thus pronounced it as ‘Homa’ thus the name Homa Bay.

Population and Administration

Homa Bay County has a total population of around 1,131,950 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population Census results. It is dived into eight constituencies namely: Ndhiwa, Homabay Town, Mbita, Range, Karachuonyo, Kabondo, Kasipul and Suba.

The County government of Homabay is led by H.E.Governor Cyprian Awiti who is currently serving his second and final term.

Economic Practises

Agriculture and fishing are the main economic activities practised in the county. Nile Perch and Tilapia are the main fish harvested from Lake Victoria. Fish harvested is sold both locally and in the international market.

Sugarcane growing is practised in the county with the produced being processed in Sony Sugar Company. Tourism is also another economic activity carried out in the county with the tourists being attracted to Mfangano Island and the Ruma National Park.

The County is also home to The 44th President of The United States of America, Barrack Obama who has his roots in Kogelo village. This has also attracted many tourists to the Couynty.


Christianity is the main a=economic activity practised in the county. Afew of the population practise the Muslim religion and the county still has small traces of people practising the Luo traditional religion.

Education Institutions

The County has several learning institutions including the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC-Homabay Campus)