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Isiolo County

Isiolo County which was formerly Isiolo District is a county in the eastern region of Kenya. Its capital is at Isiolo Town. The County borders with seven counties.


Isiolo town was established after the first world war. Ex-Army Officers from the Somali community settled in the area and intermarried with the local communities including the Samburu and other Cushitic pastoralists.

Population and Administration

Isiolo County has a population of around 268,002 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population Census results. It is divided into three sub counties, namely: Isiolo, Garba Tulla and Merti and has a total of ten wards.

The County Leadership is led by HE. Governor Mohammed Abdi Kuti who took over from Hon. Godana Doyo who was the Counties first Governor.

Economic Practises

Pastoralism and agriculture are the main economic activities carried out in the county. The small population of the Ameru community living in the county practise agriculture. Other communities in the region practise Nomadic Pastoralism.


Majority of the County’s population belong to the Muslim Faith with the Minority belong to the Christian Faith.

Education Institutions

Isiolo County has several educational institutions with St. Mary’s Secretarial College being the only tertiary institution in the region.