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Kajiado County

Kajiado County is a county located in the Rift Valley region of Kenya. It has its Capital in Kajiado town. Ngong town is however the largest town in the county


The name Kajiado comes from a Maasai word, ‘Orkejuado’ which means ‘The Long River’. This was because of the long river that flows in the area west of the current Kajiado town. Kajiado was named one of Kenya’s 47 Counties after the promulgation of the 2010 Kenyan new constitution.

Population and Administration

Kajiado County has a population of around 1,107,296 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Hpusing and Population Census results. It is divided into five sub counties, namely: Kajidao South, Kajiado Kajiado Central, Kajiado North, Kajiado west and Kajiado East.

The County is led by H.E. Governor Ole Lenku who took over leadership from Hon. David Ole Nkedianye after winning the 2017 Kajiado gubernatorial elections.

Economic Practices.

Livestock rearing (Pastoralism) is the main economic activity carried out in the county. Locals rear cattle, sheep and goats. Dairy farming is also practised in the county in the cooler regions of the county.

Tourism is another economic activity carried out in the county. Amboseli National Park is the most visited tourist attraction site in the county. Trading is also carried out in the county mostly in the urban region. There also exist cattle auctions in the County.

Soda ash Mining from Lake Magadi which is located in the county also acts as a source of income for the county.


Majority of the population in Kajiado County are Christians. This is because of the belief of a single deity in their traditions. Many of the Maasai people have thus converted to Christianity.