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Kilifi County

Kilifi county is one of the Coastal Counties in the republic of Kenya. It has its capital in Kilifi town. It borders with Mombasa, Kwale, Tana River and Taita Taveta Counties.


Kilfi County was established courtesy of the 2010 Kenyan New constitution. It was joined from a merger of Kilifi and Malindi Districts. Malindi is largest town in the county and traces its history as far back in the 14th century. It started as a small settlement called ‘Melinde’ for the local Mijikenda Community.

Population and Administration

Kilifi County has a population of around 1,453,78 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housinga and Population Census results. The County is divided into seven constituencies namely: Kilifi North, Kilifi South, Kaloleni, Rabai, Ganze, Malindi and Magarini.

The County Government of Kilifi is led by H.E. Governor Amason Kingi who is currently serving his second and final term.

Economic Practises

Tourism is the main economic activity practised in the county. Tourists are attracted to the Gede Ruins, Mnarani Ruins and the Vasco Da Gama Pillar.

Agriculture and fishing are other main economic activities practised in the county. Residents practise dairy and beef farming and grow different crops such as Cashew Nuts, Sisal, Coconut Palms, Pineapples and Mangoes. Maize, green grams and Bananas are also grown in the county.

Mining is also practised in the county as the county is rich in Titanium and Niobium.


Christianity and Muslim are the main religions practised in the county. However, a few of the population still practise the tradition Mijikenda religion and a population of the Hindu religion also exists in the county

Education Institutions

The County has several learning institutions including the Pwani University among other tertiary educational facilities.