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Kirinyaga County

Kirinyaga County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya and is located in the central region of Kenya. The county has its capital at Kutus. It borders Meru, Embu, Murang’a and Nyeri Counties.


Kirinyaga County is named after the ancestral name of Mt. Kenya, ‘Kirima Kiri Nyaga’. The County’s name, Kirinyaga is the origin of our Country’s name, Kenya. When Dr. Ludwig Kraft was in his expedition of Africa he came by a large mountain and asked his guide, Chief Kivoi, the name of the mountain, he was told it’s called ‘Kii Nyaa’ , Kamba translation for the Kikuyu name, Kiri Nyaga.

Population and Administration

Kirinyaga County has a population of around 610,411 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population results.

The county is divided into five Sub Counties namely, Kirinyaga East, Kirinyaga West, Mwea East, Mwea West and Kirinyaga Central.

The County is led by Her Excellency Governor Anne Waiguru who took over from Hon Joseph Ndathi who was the County’s first governor.

Economic Practises

Agriculture is the main economic activity practised in the county, Rice production being the main agricultural activity in the county. The county is home to Kenya largest rice irrigation scheme, the Mwea Tebere Irrigation Scheme, which is known for the production of the famous ‘Pishori’ rice.

Fishing is also practised in county. Fishing is usually carried out along River Sagana and from numerous fish ponds in the region.  Coffee and Tea are also produced in the cooler regions of the county.


Christianity is the main religion practised in the region. The Agrikuyu Traditional African religion is also still also being practised in the County. Other religions in the County include the Muslim and Hindu religion.

Education Institutions

Kirinyaga County has several educational institutions with Kirinyaga University College being the flagship tertiary institution in the county.