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Kisii County

Kisii County is a Kenyan County in the Nyanza region, It is located in the South Nyanza region and is the second largest urban area after Kisumu City. It has its Headquarters in Kisii Town.


Kisii County derives its name from the Abagusii Ethnic Community, which is a Bantu ethnic group in Kenya. Kisii is Swahili for Gusii. It was named one of the 47 Kenyan counties courtesy of the 2010 Kenyan constitution.

Population and Administration

Kisii County has a total population of around 1,260,509 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and population results. It Is divided into nine sub-counties and 45 wards.

Following the adoption of the devolved government, H.E Governor James Ongwae became the County’s first governor and is currently serving his second term as the Governor of Kisii County.

Economic Practises

Agriculture and trade are the main economic activities carried out in Kisii County. The County serves as a major commercial centre for the larger South Nyanza region as it serves other regions such as the Trans-Mara region of Western Narok and part of Migori County.

The County also connects other areas such as Migori and the Kenya-Tanzania Border to the rest of the country especially to the Great Rift Valley region and Nairobi.

Education Institutions

Kisii County has several renowned educational institutions including Kisii University and the famous Kisii High School.