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Kisumu County

Evening”s view of Kisumu County

Kisumu County is located in the Nyanza Region of Kenya. It is the third-largest city in Kenya. It is the largest city in the western region of Kenya. The name Kisumu comes from a Luo word, ‘Sumo’ which means a place of barter trade. The County is largely occupied by the Luo Community.

Economic Practises

Kisumu is a big and important inland port within Kenya and the Lake Victoria Circuit (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania). Kisumu port was first established in 1901 by the British as an inland terminal for the Ugandan railway and was named “Port Florence” then.

Fishing is another major economic activity in Kisumu. Fishermen get their fish from Lake Victoria and trade them in the local market. Fish Processing plants have been set in Kisumu to process the fish harvested from the lake for local sale or even exportation.

Tourism is also another economic activity conducted in the county. The county has museums, national parks and other historical sites that are visited by both local and foreign tourists. They include the Kisumu Museum, Dunga Beach and Wetlands, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary, Hippo Point, Kit Mikayi and Ndere Island National Reserve.


Christianity, Muslim, and Hindu religion are the main religions in the County.

Kisumu County Map: Source, Google Maps

Population and Administration

Kisumu County has a population of 1,155,574 people according to the 2019 Kenyan Census. It is divided into seven Sub Counties namely: Kisumu East, Kisumu Central, Kisumu West, Seme, Muhoroni, Nyando, and Nyakach.

Jack Ranguma was the County’s first Governor after winning the 2013 General elections, which was the first elections after the promulgation of the New Constitution which introduced Counties. He, however, lost the 2017 Kenyan General elections to H.E Anyang’ Nyong’o who is the county’s current governor.

Education Institutions

Kisumu County has big names in the Kenyan Education Sector. It has many Universities and Secondary Schools. Some of the commonly known institutions include Maseno University, Kisumu Polytechnic, and the Tom Mboya Labour College.