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Mandera County

Mandera County is located in the North-Eastern region of Kenya and has its capital in Mandera Town. It borders Ethiopia to the South and Somalia to the West. It also borders with Wajir County.


Following the promulgation of the 2010 Kenyan Constitution, Mandera was named as one of the 47 Kenyan Counties.

Population and Administration

Mandera County has a population of 867,457 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population results. The county is divided into seven counties, namely: Mandera West, Banisa, Kutulo, Laffey, Mandera Central, Mandera East and Mandera North. The County is also divided into thirty administrative wards.

The County is led by H.E. Governor Ali Roba who took office after winning both the 2013 and 2017 Kenyan general elections.

Economic Practises

Nomadic Pastoralism is the main economic activity practised in the region with residents rearing Camels, Goats, sheep and cattle.

Trade is also another economic activity practised in the region with locals indulging in cross-border trade with Ethiopia and Somalia.

Small scale Artisanal mining and beekeeping are also some of the economic activities practised in the region.


The Muslim religion is the main religion practised in the county.