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Marsabit County

Marsabit County is located in the Eastern region of Kenya. It borders with three counties, namely: Wajir, Turkana and Isiolo counties. Marsabit County also borders with Ethiopia to the North.


The name Marsabit is believed to have originated from a Burji farmer called ‘Marsa’ who was brought to the region by colonialists to teach the locals on how to grow and produce crops. It is believed ‘Marsa used to reply ‘Abeit’, (Yes in Amharic) whenever he was called out by the colonialists. This led to the formation of the name Marsa-Abeit which later led to the region being named Marsabit.

Population and Administration

Marsabit has a population of around 459,785 people. It is divided into four constituencies namely: North Horr, Laisamis, Saku and Moyale.

The County Government of Marsabit is led by H.E. Gooverno

Economic Practises

Marsabit is a major commercial centre in the region. Trading activities are conducted in the region. The County also facilitates movements and products and goods to and from Nairobi to other regions such as Moyale and Ethiopia. Pastoralism is also another major economic activity practised in the region with farmers taking part in production of Millet and Maize.

Tourism is also another economic activity practised in the region. Tourists are attracted to Lake Paradise and the Bongale Crater. Anthropologists are also attracted to the region due to its rich cultural history.


Muslim is the main religion practised in the region.