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Murang’a County

Murang’a county is located in the Central region of Kenya. It is considered as the home County of the Gikuyu community who inhabit it.


The name Murang’a originates from a folk myth of the Agikuyu Community. Historians state that Gikuyu, the father of the Kikuyu tribe, was instructed by God (Ngai) to go and settle in a place called ‘Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga’, thus the name Murang’a. It is there where he married, got children thus the Kikuyu community.

Their population grew with time which led to some of the members of the Kikuyu tribe to move to different areas, that is, Kiambu, Nyeri and Kirinyaga. When the Europeans came to Kenya, they settled in the current Murang’a town which was formerly called Mbiri. They named the place Fort Hall but the name was later changed to Murang’a

Population and Administration

Murang’a County has a population of around 1,056,640 people according to the 2019 Kenyan Housing and Population census results. The County is divided into seven sub counties, namely: Kangema, Kiharu, Mathioya, Kigumo, Kandara, Maragwa and Gatanga.

The County Government is led by H.E. Governor Mwangi wa Iria. The County is represented by Hon. Kembi Gitura at the Senate who is also the Senate’s Deputy speaker.

Economic Practises

Agriculture is the main economic activity carried out in the county. Its land if fertile and the are experiences good rainfall. Coffee is the main crop grown in the county and it is the counties main cash crop. Dairy farming is also a major activity in the county.

Other economic practices in the county include trade.


Christianity is the main religion practised in the county.

Education Institutions

Murang’a County has several learning institutions including the Murang’a University Technology and other renowned Highschools.

Key Achievements.

Murang’a County is home to two of Kenya’s Second liberators, the Late Hon. Kenneth Matiba and the Late Hon Charles Rubia.