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Nyeri County

Nyeri County is located in the Mount Kenya Region of Kenya and is occupied by the Kikuyu speaking people of Kenya


The name Nyeri came as a result of the British set up a post in ‘Kia Nyiri’ so as to deal with the Agikuyu resistance during the colonial days.

Population and Administration

Nyeri County has a population of 759,164 people according to Kenya’s 2019 population results. It consists of 8 Sub-Counties namely: Tetu, Kieni East, Kieni West, Mathira East, Mathira West, Nyeri South, Muukurwe-ini and Nyeri Central.

Economic Practises

Agriculture and trade are the main economic practices in Nyeri County. The residents grow tea, coffee and also engage in dairy farming.

Tourism is also economic activity in the region with tourists attracted by, Cemetery of Lord  Baden Powell and the Aberdare National Park

Key Achievements from The County.

Nyeri County is home to Kenyan Freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for Kenya to gain its freedom. They include Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi and General Stanley Mathenge who led Mau Mau troops in fighting the British army troops.

The Boy Scout movement founded y Lord Baden Powell also originated from Nyeri County. The Movement’s aim is to support young boys mentally, physically and spiritually so that they can be constructive members of society.