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Wajir County

Wajir county is one of the counties in the North-Eastern region of Kenya with its capital in Wajir town. Wajir town is one of the oldest towns after Malindi and Mombasa in Kenya. It is mainly inhabited by the Somali Community.


The name Wajir originates from the Borana word ‘Wajir’ which means coming together as many communities and pastoral clans came to feed and water their animals in the area around the current Wajir town.

Population and Administration

Wajir County has a population of around 781, 263 people according to Kenya’s 2019 Housing and Population Census results. It is subdivided into six sub-counties namely: Wajir East, Wajir West, Wajir North, Wajir South, Tarbaj and Elias. It is subdivided into thirty administrative wards.

The County government of Wajir is led by H.E. Governor Ahmed Abdullahi who is the first and current governor of the county.

Economic Practises

Pastoralism, trade, and transport are the main economic activities in the county. The residents rear camel, goats, and cattle.

Wajir Airport acts as a major transport means which transports traders, locals, and tourists to and from the county.


The Muslim religion is the main religion in the county. Christianity is also practiced by a few of the locals.